Sunday, June 22, 2008

Paul is dead The Beatles Secrets Messages

Paul is dead! The Beatles Sercret Album Clues


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys:
I love your CD and it makes for great conversation and speculation. But that's where it ends. While your CD is quite compelling the truth is Paul is ALIVE!!

It is very simple in this day and age to to prove it. The simplest way is through DNA testing. Oh sure your argument would be that Paul would never submit to DNA testing. He doesn't have to. I know for a fact of atleast one illegitimate
female offspring fathered by Paul during the Hamburg days. Paul's DNA is passed down from one generation to the next, some parts remain almost unchanged. This creates an unbreakable link between generations. So if Mary, Stella or James submit to a DNA would put an end to this hoax!

Or take another approach. Voice recognition. Paul's voice just like a fingerprint it is unique. With today's technology, a comparison of speech from let's say 1965 to today
would confirm or deny this hoax.
Anyway...LOVE THE CD!!

Doc JR said...

Paul is now left handed but when you view the sleeve from the white album you see "William Playing the Bass with his right hand." Also notice how his first wife is doctoring up some photos, look at his passport as Paul never wore glasses, also when John was going public he was killed eight days later by an unemployed David Chapman who spent several nights at one of the most expensive hotels in NYC The Waldorf Astoria, he had money to fly to NYC, pay for expenses, changed his mind, flew back to Hawaii then back to NYC, slept with a call girl the night before Lennon's death, had money to spend at the YMCA and at a lavish hotel. He is now in Attica NY prison separate from the others for his life's sake. He pretended to be "a Schizo" but several reputable doctors determined he was faking it.
Then George decided to go public, to Paul and about eight days later he was almost killed. He recorded these events on a tape. They say his voice is inconclusive and we say of course it is because he had his lungs punctured by a knife, was recovering from the attack, undoubtedly heavily medicated so what can you say about a person's voice. Remember JFK, MLK, and RFK. Also look up the youngest Major General in the USA who became a congressman and was offered 5million to conduct a coup against President Roosevel. This was sponsored by some very rich families in the US because this country was in a depression and they were not making money. Look it up. Questions for more specifics:

Doc JR said...

I will tell the public that if they do not believe there are wealthy powerful people who manipulate our human structures in order to fulfill their own personal goals. JFK was blamed on one person, MLK was blamed on one person, RFK was blamed on one person, early 20th century during great depression, a former general who became a congressman was offered 5 million to help overthrow President Roosevelt because of greed. As for Faul, look at the sleeve of White Album, note he is playing bass with right hand, note glasses from passport? Rita, the one who was in car on that tragic night, bribed him to divorce Linda, then someone tried to kill her because she was going public if she did not get her way, that is how she lost her leg. In the end the general attitude is who cares??

Clare Kuehn said...

Hi. It is nice that Sir Paul finally admitted the Beatles planted the things called clues (see: ) The idea it was a hoax is his claim, but of course, if there is a coverup of a real death, then the statement from Sir Paul about its being not only done but also a hoax, is not necessarily the truth, without other confirmation -- if our perceptions can and do lie.

We can know, anyway, from the four so-called clues which are not only thematically provably planted, but are scientifically provably planted (3 from optics and 1 as text, thus direct tautologically as a reference), that the clues idea started from the Beatles, and early (3 of the 4 are from 1967).

Also, we can know the death date (putative one) is Sept 11, 1966, not Nov 9, because UK (and Canada, etc.) numbered dates are day/month, not month/day as in the USA. Plus, Magical Mystery Tour film started filming one year after Sept 11, 1966, and the film is filled with PID references; moreover, two years after Sept 11, 1966, John Lennon recorded "Glass Onion", the first and only song to claim there were clues.

There is much more, of course, as you know. But the so-called clues, anyway, are provably there without Sir Paul's speaking of them or his claim they are hoaxing.

There is also a drawing John did, for whatever reason, which can only be of a dead Paul McCartney: it is accurate to head injuries, has dislocated and bruised eyes, dissheveled Beatle boots, a grave and shovel, and a dog comforting the young dead man. It cannot reasonably be Stu Sutcliffe (who did not have such drastic head injuries), nor Tara Browne (who did not wear Beatle boots).

For more on everything, check out -- which unfortunately right now (Dec. 2013) is poorly arranged, due to rewriting.

Best wishes.