Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Is Paul McCartney Dead?

In the fall of 1969—shortly after the release of the Beatles’ Abbey Road—a rumor swept America concerning the death of Paul McCartney. While this rumor was very popular on college campuses, the widespread acceptance of this rumor reached such proportions that stories of the phenomenon were subjects of news reports and publications no less respect than the New York Times, Time Magazine, and the cover story of Life Magazine. It was the cover of Abbey Road that started it all.

As you look at the four Beatles, you’ll will that Paul is the only one out of step, to draw attention to Paul. Also Paul is the only one barefoot, which allegedly is how people are buried in several countries. The Beatles are shown walking in a specific order. John dressed in white, as a religious person would be. Ringo dressed as an undertaker. Paul, shabby suited and barefoot, resembles a corpse; and finally George, in old jeans, is a gravedigger. The cover of Abbey Road is a funeral procession. A closer look at Paul will reveal something else: he's a holding his cigarette—also known as the coffin nail—in his right hand, and any Beatle maniac knows that Paul is left-handed. This is a most significant clue as who we are seeing on the cover; perhaps not Paul McCartney but in fact a replacement who filled in for Paul after his death.

According to the story that will be pieced together from other albums. Paul was killed in an auto accident in 1966. And a replacement William Campbell had been filling in for him for photographic reasons. Campbell was chosen because he had been a winner of a Paul McCartney look-alike contest a year earlier. William Campbell from Scotland has not been heard from since; in fact could be the person posing as Paul on the cover of Abbey Road.
Join me each week as I share all the clues about this strange story. Next week we will look at the Back Cover of the Abbey Road album and the music on the Abbey Road Album. You may discover things you never knew about the Beatles.
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